Web Design and Online Marketing

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How Does Web Design Affect Marketing?

There are many different elements to web design. Each one adds up to create the first impression a visitor (and potential customer) has of the business. Obviously, this can affect the company's online marketing success and sales conversions. A poor design may actually send a visitor elsewhere, particularly if the navigation of the site is not clear and concise. User experience makes all the difference between success and failure.

Content Marketing

One of the most popular ways of ensuring a website is ranked highly in search engines is through content marketing. The web designer must ensure that the articles on the site look visually appealing and are easy to read. If everything looks outdated, or the content is presented in such a way that it seems sales-driven rather than helpful, visitors will quickly turn to a competitor instead. Paragraphs should be spaced appropriately, and the text is broken up with relevant images.

Online Marketing Strategy

If a designer has to create a website from scratch, they need to know the end goal and the online marketing strategy. For example, if the targeted audience is the younger demographic, and the business will primarily be using Instagram, the design needs to look fresh, image-driven, and dynamic. An older audience may prefer long-form articles and regular newsletters, so the design would be of a more serious nature.

Web design and online marketing must work together to reach the desired goal.